Our Services

Island style fishing, whale watching and charters offers these services as follows:

  • Deep sea Fishing – The waters around Dominica are warm and deep, making it conducive to hooking up a variety of fish. Ask about our packages.
  • Whale watching and Dolphin Safari- The whales sighted are Sperm whales which are resident to our waters. Whales are seen year round, but during there social or mating season they are more active. The whales are free and are not restricted. The occasional Pilot whale, False killer whale and/or rare whale shark may be seen. Dolphins are seen regularly, usually spinner Dolphins. The do put on a show swimming along in the wake awing even those who see them all the time.
  • Sea bird watching- A pass time that is becoming increasingly popular. Dominica is home to a number of sea birds due to the high cliffs and abundance of fish. Popular Sea birds are Frigate, Pelican, Sea Gull to name a few.
  • Coastal View tours- Whether to see our beautiful, nature island from the sea, or to take a boat trip to the beach, this tour gives our guest the real life dream of truly being in paradise.
  • Sunset cruising – The best wedding adventure is getting married, or having the reception on a sunset cruise. Other popular sunset cruise requests include, engagements, cocktail parties,or just to take pictures of our glamorous sunset. This is a most satisfying tour, undoubtedly, Dominica is the place to have a spiritual encounter and experience the green flash.
  • Off island trips to Martinique, Guadeloupe,Les Saints, Marie Galante are private charters to the french isles. Go shopping, or connect to travel, visit or picnic as a tourist.
  • Around the island trips- Go around the nature Island to fish on the east or to go to the scenic beaches on the Atlantic side of the island. You can cook what you catch and spend the day on the boat.