Best Time to Fish

The best time to fish in Dominica is……. Any Time!!! We land fish year round.

We can go out at any requested time at the anglers convenience. Early is best, even at 4 am, if possible, but we do have records of successful trips later in the day time.

Guests/ anglers coming from the cruise ship, time will be arranged depending on arrival time in port. Remember to bring along your experience. Captain Jerry, enjoys sharing his knowledge with others while learning from them. Even if you are not an experienced fisherman, but just want to go out on the ocean and have fun with us,NO PROBLEM! Come on board Southern Cross and learn to fish.

We land various types of fish. Lines can be dropped minutes after leaving the dock since the waters are deep just off shore and some impressive fish can be hooked in quick time.

Some popular fish caught are: Baracuda, Makerel, Skip Jacks, Tarpon, Blue Marlin, Yellow fin Tuna, King fish, Sail fish, Dorado, and Wahoo . Though you can come any time in the year with rod in hand, here are some peak season dates to help you plan your fishing trip.

Types of FishPeak Season
Blue MarlinJune to October
Yellow fin TunaMay to December
Big Eye TunaMarch to May & October to December
Dorado July to December
WahooAugust to December
Black fin & Skip jack Tuna June to December
Baracudayear round
Sail Fishyear round

We are a very tropical island, you should bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and be sure to wear light clothing.